Define the general settings of your account.

Time Zone

To make your account reflect your local time, select the appropriate time zone.

Enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 and choose “Settings” icon_settings. Find the Time Zone settings icon_world and press the Edit button. Choose your local time zone and press “Save”.


White label

Hide the Filecamp brand and replace it with your own.

Enter the Control Panels icon_controlpanels_143 and choose “Settings” icon_settings. Find the White Label settings icon_white_label and press the “Edit” button. You can now replace the “Powered by Filecamp” with your own text. Press “Save”.

Notice: You have to log out and log in again to see the changes.

This feature, together with your own Filecamp URL allows you to completely hide the Filecamp brand from the eyes of your clients.


Notice: The White Label setting is included in the Professional plan only.