General settings

General settings is the place to go if you need to define the general settings of your account.

General Settings

Log in as Administrator. Go to Admin > General.


  • Auto log out after 30 minutes of inactivity – check this checkbox if you want to enhance the security and prevent unauthorized access, by automatically logs out your users after 30 minutes of idle time. Read more about security.
  • Automatically move expired items to the trash – check this checkbox if you want to put your account on autopilot, so that expired files are automatically deleted (moved to trash). Read more about the Trash.
  • Do not encode media files (saves storage space) – by default Filecamp encodes a mp4/.m4a (H.264) version of all video files, so that they can be previewed in all browsers. This takes up extra storage. Check this checkbox if you to disable this to save storage space. Read more about file formats.

  • Language for auto-tagging – choose your preferred language for auto-tagging. Advanced plan only. Read more about Auto-tags.
  • Email sending domain – is default sending domain. But if you are on a Pro plan you can choose instead, and thereby “hide” the Filecamp brand in the emails that are sent from your Filecamp to your users. Pro plan only.
  • Email from name –Change the “from name” on emails sent from your Filecamp. The default value is your Filecamp URL but you can change it to e.g. your company or brand name.
  • Powered by text  – replace “Powered by Filecamp” with your own text. E.g. you can enter your company or brand name. Pro plan only.
  • Powered by url – specify a link on the “Powered by” text. E.g. you can link to your company or brand website. Pro plan only.

Notice: Only Administrators can see and edit the General Settings. When updating there is a 5-10 minutes delay before the settings are actually effectuated. Check the log for confirmation or if any errors occurred.
Notice: Email sending domain, Powered by text, and Powered by url options, together with deploying your own URL for your Filecamp, actually allows you to completely hide the Filecamp brand from the eyes of your clients. Read more about White label.