Share folder (without login)

Share entire folders containing non-sensitive files with the general public.

Set up a “Public Download folder”

Enter the folder and click the “Edit folder” icon_edit_folder  button. In the “Edit folder” curtain check the “Public download” checkbox. Then click “Save”. Notice that the folder icon changes to a folder with a down pointing arrow icon_public_download_folder and that additional sharing buttons appear below the folder in the Info window.


E-mail URL

For easy sharing of a Public Download Folder icon_public_download_folder just click on the Share tab in the info column and press the “Click to mail” button and your default e-mail application will launch with a default message and a direct link to this “Public Download” folder.


The recipient of the e-mail will be directed to a custom branded download page where the entire folder (and subfolders) can be previewed and downloaded (without login):


Copy download URL

Same as e-mail URL, except that it will show you the direct URL and allows copy (ctrl+c) the URL to your computer clipboard instead of launching your e-mail application. From the clipboard you can paste (ctrl+v) the URL in to an e-mail, chat or social media application. When someone clicks on the link they will be presented to a branded download page where they can easily view and download the files.