Custom Thumbnails

We try hard to give Filecamp a slick and user-friendly interface, but sometimes it might be useful for you to add some visual cues for your files and folders.

Add a custom thumbnail to a file or folder

To upload a Custom Thumbnail to a file or folder, first select the file or folder.


Then click on the thumbnail in the Sidebar to upload a new image file. This image will now be the new thumbnail for this specific file or folder.

Remove custom thumbnail from a file or folder

To remove a Custom Thumbnail from a file or folder, just click on the small trash icon below the thumbnail. The thumbnail will now be reset to the generic file or folder thumbnail.



  • Custom Thumbnails are visual guides added to your files and folders in the Gallery- and List view, your original files remains untouched.
  • Custom Thumbnails are a great way of choosing a still for video files.
  • When you update a version of a file that has a custom thumbnail, you need to update the thumbnail as well.
  • The optimal size for retina/HD ready custom thumbnails in Filecamp is 336 x 240 px. But larger files are scaled to fit.
  • OBS: Custom Thumbnails can only be added to files that doesn't have a thumbnail. Eg. you can not add custom thumbnails to images and pdf files.