Edit User

Editing a User

When you are logged in as an Admin Level User you can edit and manage users by clicking on the Users button icon_user. Select a user on the list and click the “Edit User” button icon_edit_user (or right-click) to edit a User.



In the “Edit User” curtain you have the following options:


  • E-mail address: Specify a Username (We recommend to use the Users e-mail address as username. In this way users can sign up to receive Notifications and recover passwords themselves).
  • Description: You may add a Description which helps you identify the User.
  • Access Level: Choose which Access Level this User shall have. Read more about User types


  • Allow user to share files and folders: Check this checkbox if you want to allow this user to have access to the Sharing and Collections features and to send out links to public files and folders.
  • Lock user: Check this checkbox if you want to disable this user in changing its own login informations. Recommendable when using generic user names (not email addresses) e.g. press / press.

Change password

  • Change password: Type a new password only if you want to change the Users password.
  • Auto-generate password: Click on the Auto-generate password button if you want Filecamp to generate a new and secure password for the User.
  • Send password reminder: Click the “Send password reminder” button if you want the Username and Password sent to the User by e-mail. Press “Save” when you’re done.

Access points/Notifications/Mailing list

Shows you a list of all the folders this user has access to. You can remove Access points directly from this list. If the user is set up to receive Upload notifications or is added to a mailing list this will be listet here as well.

 How to send login information to a user

When you have created a user, you easily can send the user his/her login information, by clicking on the “Send password reminder” button.


NOTICE: The “Send password reminder” feature only works when you have used the users email address as username. And also please make sure that you have entered (or auto-generated) a password before clicking the “Send password reminder” button.