Quick Start Guide for New Admins

Let’s walk through a few easy steps of deploying Filecamp for your organization.

STEP 1 – Customize your account’s branding

Navigate to Admin >Themes and you will see a few predefined sample Themes we have created for you. The default Theme is marked with a star . Click on one of the sample Themes to edit or select Add Theme  icon to create a new Theme.


STEP 2 – Add some folders

You may want to transfer your current, internal folder structure or clean it up by planning a new folder structure. To create a new folder just click Add Folder  icon in the top menu.


STEP 3 – Upload files (or folders)

Navigate to the folder you want to upload files to, then click the Upload  icon and then choose Choose Files or Folder.


Select the specific files and folder from your local Mac/PC and click the Open button and click the Start Upload button.

When the upload process in finished click Done, and you will be directed to the folder where you can see the files you have uploaded.

Read more about upload.

STEP 4 – Add tags to an image

To add tags or keywords to an image, click on the image and click the Info  icon. You can also click the Context menu  icon below the image thumbnail. Choose Info.


You can now enter some tags that describe the image. Remember that all tags are searchable, so they can really help you converting your files to real digital assets.

Read more about tags.

STEP 5 – Add Users

Filecamp comes with unlimited users in all plans and you can easily create new users and give them permission to the folders you want them to access. Go to Admin > Users and click Add User  icon in the top menu to add a user.


STEP 6 – Folder permissions

With folder permissions you can give your users access to only the folders you want them to access. 


STEP 7 – Invite Users

To invite a user go to Admin > Users and find the user on the user list. Then click the context menu  icon and select Invite . This will send an email to the user with the users login credentials.


To quickly bulk add and invite multiple users to your account you can click the Invite  icon in the header, and just paste in the email addresses of the users you would like to add.

STEP 8 – Share files with links

Play around with Filecamp´s cool features of sharing files or folders with anyone without requiring them to login.


STEP 9 – Email Notifications

To keep you on top of new events in your account, we’ve built a notification system that lets you know when new files or comments are added in your Filecamp. It’s up to you what actions you’ll be notified about, so here’s how to make your choices:

  1. Click the Notifications  icon at the top of the page
  2. Select which action you want to be alerted about. You can choose to be notified on new uploads, new comments and label changes.
  3. You can now choose to be notified via a in-app message and/or via email.

STEP 10 – How to get help

If you need any more help getting started, you can visit the Knowledge Base where you can contact the Filecamp support team as well.


… or simply watch this!

View a 5 minutes video that will take you through some of the basic tasks in Filecamp.