Welcome to our FAQ which contains answers for many of the frequently asked questions about Filecamp. We’ve built a Support Area that has more information including tutorials and tips on how to get started. For any further questions you can’t find here or in the Support Area, please contact us, we’re happy to help!

Q: Can I limit the folders my clients see?

Yes, by default, your clients can only see folders that you’ve explicitly given them access to.


Q: How is Filecamp different than FTP?

Filecamp uses the HTTPS protocol instead of FTP. Filecamp can be securely accessed from anywhere on the Internet with a web browser on your Mac or PC. Unlike FTP, Filecamp doesn’t require the opening of additional ports or the installation of special software to use.

Filecamp includes many features that aren’t available with FTP such as custom branding, file previews, file and folder search, email notifications and easy user management.

Visit our FTP replacement page for more information.


Q: How is Filecamp different from some of the free and low cost file transfer and drive services?

Filecamp is a secure and professional file sharing service that is designed for creative businesses and businesses of all types that work with graphics and media files. Some of the largest brands in the world trust us with their files and we take that responsibility seriously.


Q: Is there a file size limit on uploading?

Yes, there is a limit of 20gb per file. Our web interface allows you to upload files up to 2gb in size right in your web browser. For larger files up to 20gb, traditional FTP can still be useful, so we’ve added an FTP upload feature. Once the files are uploaded you can enjoy all the features of Filecamp to share, preview, and collaborate on your files.


Q: How do I send large files through email using Filecamp?

Instead of attaching the file to your email, you can simply upload it to your Filecamp account. Filecamp will automatically create a link that you can use to share via email. People who receive the link will be directed to a branded download page featuring your company logo and colors.


Q: Is it possible to receive files from people without setting up a user account and access for each person?

Yes, with Filecamp you can set which folders are available for “Public Upload”. Filecamp will then provide you with a link that you can send via email. Recipients will be directed to a branded “Public upload” page by clicking the link.


Q: Can I add an “Upload Files” button on my website?

Yes, you sure can. Simply copy the link for any Public Upload Folder into a button on your website.


Q: Is Filecamp secure?

Yes, Filecamp runs on the secure HTTPS protocol. All account passwords are hashed so that even Filecamp support staff is unable to access them. Filecamp servers are backed up daily and hosted in a world class data center.


Q: How much does Filecamp cost?

Filecamp offers competitive pricing plans to fit every company size and budget. Our plans start at only $29 per month. All of our plans include unlimited users, unlimited bandwidth, custom branding, and free email support.

We offer three plans to meet the needs of your business: Basic, Advanced and Professional. The plans have different storage limits and features. Our Professional Plan includes advanced collaboration and white label features that take your Filecamp to the next level.


Q: How does the 30-day free trial work?

All of our trials start as Professional Plans so you can explore all the features that Filecamp has to offer. After 30 days, or when you decide to continue using Filecamp, simply choose your plan and provide your credit card billing information. All of your files will still be there and any user accounts you created during the trial will still have access. In case you decide Filecamp isn’t a good fit, it’s all good. You pay nothing and your trial will simply end after 30-days.

Q: Can I use my domain name?

Yes, you can use your existing domain name ex., files.yourdomain.com with our service. Follow these steps to add a CNAME record that redirects to Filecamp. This is one more step we take to truly make your Filecamp your own.


Q: Can I host Filecamp on my own server?

No, Filecamp is a cloud based solution. We handle all updates, maintenance, backups … we take care of everything for you!